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I'm so slow and old...  learned tonight, just before I was heading to bed that you can have animated gif's as preview images. Image size just need to be 150x150 and all this time stupid me been creating still images. :stupidme: remake 

Well here you go all three!  animated gif I made this year.

W20160820 - 2D animation study by StMan Steam Mage Commander (animated) by StMan Totoro and Tetsuo animated GIF by StMan

PS: it was time to write new journal entry :)
100k pageviews, thank you everyone Love 

Kiriban is claimed, two lucky persons and one runner-up :)   Won't announce their names, at least not yet, but special thanks for them Meow :3

PS: 500K next goal?!   ...maybe not, I would need to start draw porn to get that before I die :P
Soon in near future (couple weeks with current speed) my DA account has 100k pageviews. If you're the one who who catch the kiriban (100 000th visitor), take screenshot as proof and send a note to me, and I will draw you something and send you print of it (through DA printing services).

PS: Only first one who send me note get the print if there's more than one kiriban catchers.

Magical 100k pageviews seems to be "close", can happen anyday! (or week, year...). What to do for that lucky visitor, the 100.000th pageviewer? Drawing, free print? What say you?!
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Okay, I understand people want get paid for art they do and I don't have anything against Patreon... but pleeeease, don't use your work as free ads for Patreon. "Oh, new art from my favorite artist... oh it's fucking Patreon ad!". I feel cheated when someone fools me click their ads. When I browse art sites like DA or ArtStation I don't want to see ads in art. There is ad banners for that and it should be my own choice to click them. If amount of ads get too annoying somewhere I stop using their services... and looks like I need to do same with some artists, stop following them if their art turns to free website ads.
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Walking Dead: No Man's Land, mobile game I've bee working on for last year is now out. Currently iOS version, but really soon android version also.…

Weekly 20150926 - Zombie head by StMan
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I updated my win7 to win10 month ago. Almost everything worked after update... except wacom drivers. Tried everything, but drivers didn't work. Tried order alternative drawing tablet, some Chinese thing, but it's now 2 week late from last estimated delivery date and seller doesn't answer to mail :rage:.  Moment ago I did clean win10 install, and now the wacom drivers work! Let see how it works with Photoshop and Manga Studio5, but looks like I can draw again at home and continue my weekly doodles.

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AG Drive by StMan

My friends iOS (iPhone & iPad) game is finally out.  Wipeout and F-Zero style racing game with my art :)…
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Ramos, Art-n-Out

Ramos ArtnOut by StMan
Comic illustrations from Humberto Ramos. 48 full color pages, mostly DC and Marvel characters. Solid stuff from Ramos, but no his best stuff.
Rating::) (Smile) 

BOMBSHELLS: A Terry Dodson Sketchbook

BombShells SketchbookCollection by StMan
Terry Dodson's sexy ladies sketches and line art (couple guys and robots too, but who care). Don't let sketchbook name fool you, no quick sketches there. 48 pages of sexy boobs. Out of print, so can be close to 50usd
Rating:Meow :3 

Imaginary Places, the Art of Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci by StMan
Environment paintings from Marco Bucci. I like his stuff, but this book was dull for me. Not so great paintings and many full page pics doesn't work in so big size.
Rating:No, I disagree! 

Pac23 Sketchbook vol1

Pac32 Sketchbook vol1 by StMan
First sketchbook from Francisco Perez aka Pac23. Not small sized (but not thick) book so drawings are large enough. There is line drawings from his great illustrations and lots of random sketches and doodles... bit too random for my taste. Skipped many pages just because didn't find anything interesting in them.

Monster & Dames, Emerald City Comicon artbooks (2010 and 2011)

Monster Dames11 by StMan
Monster Dames by StMan
Emerald City comicon's artbooks (sold to rise money for children hospitals). Illustrations from comic and other illustrators. 48pages of monsters and dames. There is pics from very big names and not so big... and quality varies too, but not too much. Both of these are sold out and had limited prints.
Rating::D (Big Grin) 

Sweet Dreams

SweetDreams by StMan
Shunya Yamashita's artbook full of sexy babes in silly anime costumes.

the Art of SW Force Unleashed

SW ForceUnleashed by StMan
Reading this book made me angry. If you believe this book, the game made by committee of marketing idiots. "Main character HAVE to be 20 (+-2) year old human male so everyone can related to him" and so on... Art part is mediocre. Couple cooler concept art pics, but mostly from meh to OK.

So now what do we do? Drawings by Wade Schin & Andrew Wilson

Drawings byWS AW by StMan
Thin artbook from Wade Schin & Andrew Wilson. Wade's stuff doesn't work for me (cover pic) and Andrew's doodles are nice (not for kids stuff), but placed over restaurant menu... I would call this more of sketchbook.

Daphne01, sketches by Daphne Yap

Daphne01 by StMan
160 pages of Daphne Yap's black and white drawings. If nothing else these pics are full of details. Size is bit strange 0.5 x 7 x 11.8 inches. This is 10year old book, but can still be found and paper pack edition is 20usd, not bad.
huh, time to continue with these after long break...

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Avatar, the Last Airbender - the Art of the Animated Series

Avatar theLastAirBender by StMan
Art from first Avatar animated series. Good (big) art book not just for the fans, but also people who are interested of art of animation.

Eye Candy, from strangers 1.0 

EyeCandy vol1 by StMan
Brandstudio's 48 pages collection of girl pics from different artists around the world. Large variety of styles and also bit in quality, but anyway it has some cool and sexy pics.
Rating:B-) (Cool) Shrug 

Fairy Quest: The Narrator's Book

FairyQuest theNarratorsBook by StMan
Art of Humberto Ramo's comic book project which had some problems to find publisher (or something). If you like his style you like this one. All classic fairy tale characters redesigned by Humberto.

Intron Depot 4, Bullets

IntronDepot4 Bullets by StMan
Fourth of Masamune Shirow's Intron Depot artbooks. Lots of mech and character design drawings for different games and anime series. Not his best works, but still enough of cool stuff... and this doesn't have his porn stuff so you don't need to hide it :)

yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations

Lain yoshitoshi ABe lain illustrations by StMan
Yoshitoshi ABe's illustrations and concept art for Lain anime series. I like his works and this book has some nice pics, but also lots of full page crap. Big fan enough and you like it, for rest of people not so great.

Monster Hunter Illustrations

MonsterHunter Illustrations by StMan
Thick book of Monster Hunter games concept art. Huge amount of character, armor, weapon and monster drawings, but many times size of each drawing is bit too small because pages aren't very big and they're packed with drawings.

Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups (Taschen 25th Anniversary Special Editions)

Taschen Gil and Lindgren Pinups by StMan
Gil Elvgren's classic pin-up pics in this thick book (270 pages).

the Last Hero

theLastHero PaulKirby by StMan
This is Terry Pratchett's book with Paul Kidby's illustrations so not really art book, but there is more illustrations to call it one. And Kidby's style is awesome.

Ugetsu Hakua: UE4 Rough Sketch, Eidos & Boundary in the World Dounjinshi

Ugetsu Hakua thinbooks by StMan
Ugetsu Hakua's mini artbooks and sketchbooks. Very thin (20-30 page each) "books". Sexy illustrations and sketches.

Valkyria Chronicles, Design Archives

Valkyria Chronicles by StMan
Art of Valkyria Chronicles game. This one has design drawings of anything in the game. Each character, gun, tank, insignia... Lots of stuff.
Rating:Thumbs Up 

Daisies, Wendling

Wendling Daisies by StMan
Claire Wendling's small sketchbook. Lovely drawings.
Rating: Meow :3 
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Let's continue after couple week break. This time art of Blizzard and SW episode1-3 and Mass Effect.

Art of Star Wars Episode1-3

the Art of SW Episode 1, notebook

SW Episode1small by StMan
Can't really call this artbook. It's very small notebook size thing, but in any case concept drawings are very nice.
Rating: good, but small "book"

the Art if SW Episode 2&3

SW Episode2 by StMan
SW Episode3 by StMan
Lucas hired many big names to draw concept art for new SW movies and you can see it in these books. There is tons of awesome designs which you never see in the movies. Also good stories how Lucas works... or sad when you see all those great ideas wasted because of one man.
Rating:Clap Heart 

Art of Mass Effect

the Art of Mass Effect

ArtofMassEffect by StMan
Art for first ME game. Good amount early concepts of aliens and evolution how they ended with final looks. This is good example what you put into game art book.

the Art of the Mass Effect Universe

ArtofMassEffect Universe by StMan
This came out same time with ME3 and it's collection of all three games art so it has also stuff from first art book. If you don't have first game's book, buy this one. Like first one good stuff, but because it squeezes all three games into one book and biggest focus is in with third game you might loose some nice art.

Art of Blizzard

the art of World of Warcraft

and Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mist of Bandaria and WoLK Cinematic

WOW artof by StManWOW BurningCrusade by StMan
WOW WrathoftheLichKing by StManWOW Cataclysm by StMan
WOW MistofPandaria by StManWOW WrathoftheLichKing Cinematic by StMan
These books came with WOW Collectors editions. I'm not sure can you get these anywhere else. Maybe from Blizzard's store?
I have always loved Blizzard's art and Blizzard started hired great artist to design look of WoW... so end result is great and quality of art rises in every book (still my fav's are first and Lich King books).
Rating:La la la la +fav 

the Art of Warcraft

ArtofWarcraft by StMan
Art of first three Warcraft games and some stuff from canceled adventure game. Some of first drawings from first games aren't pretty and some full page cgi cutscene shots seems to be randomly taken, but there is also cool drawings and paintings... at least if you are friend of Warcraft.
Rating::) (Smile) 

the Art of the Trading Card Game (World of Warcraft)

WOW TradingCardGame by StMan
Thick and wide book of WoW card game's art. Lot's of drawings and paintings for the cards from different artists. Quality varies, but mostly lovely illustrations (no concept art for the games in this one).

Art of Diablo3 (and Reapers of Souls -expansion)

Diablo3 by StMan
ArtofDiablo3 by StMan
Even if some people cry Diablo3 is too colorful, I like art of D3. Ingame has nice fantasy painting look and these books has cool illustrations and concepts of demons from Hell (except female Diablo was bit stupid :)). These are also from Collectors Edition boxes, dunno if you can buy them anywhere :shrug:

Art of Starcraft2 (Wings of Liberty and Heart of Swarm)

Starcraft2 WingsofLiberty by StMan
Starcraft2 HeartofSwarm by StMan
I never was big fan of Starcraft games (good games, just not my type of games), but art is still cool... even after they tried to steer away from WH40K Space Marines :).

and last one:

the Art of Blizzard

ArtofBlizzard by StMan
This book is huge and heavy. 376 pages, 12.8 x 9.7 x 1.6 inches and weight a ton... bible of Blizzard art. Collects art from all of their games. Buy this one and then if you need more you can try to hunt those other books.
Rating:I think I've fainted. 

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the Art of Nausicaä

ArtofNausicaa by StMan
Maybe bit too many random frames from movie, but still lots of beautiful Studio Ghibli paintings and Miyazaki's desings.

Making of Final Fantasy Spirit Within

FinalFantasySpiritsWithin MakingOf by StMan
Too much not interesting storyboard pics and shots from movie.

the Art of Final Fantasy IX

ArtofFinalFantasyIX by StMan
Lots of cool character design drawings and beautiful environment drawings. I would like to have this in hi-res format, drawings are so detailed.


the Ark, Lineage II Illustrations

theArk Lineage2Illustrations by StMan
Korean game designs, solid game concept art.

Frank Miller, the Art of Sin City

ArtofSinCity FrankMiller by StMan
If you like Miller's style, you like this book.


Prismtone RangeMurata AnimeWorks1998-2006 by StMan
Range Murata's Anime works 1998-2006. Thick book full of awesome character drawings and full page illustrations.
Rating:I think I've fainted. Worship 

Battle Milk 3

BattleMilk3 by StMan
Collection of 9 artists concept works. Mostly scifi, fantasy and story book concepts and illustrations. I liked BM2 more.

Birds and Pencils: DUCK

DUCK FlorianSatzinger by StMan
Slim book (48 pages) full of very strange and fun duck drawings.
Rating:Meow :3 


Spellbound KeithParkinsonsSketchbook by StMan
Keith Parkinson's sketchbook, need to say more?
Rating:La la la la 

Earlier "reviews"

The Cream of Tank Girl

TankGirl theCreamof by StMan
Collection of pics from comics, covers, illustrations etc and some background stories about comic.
Rating: :) (Smile) 

Art of Miyazaki's Spirited Away

ArtofSpiritedAway by StMan
Beautiful stuff from Studio Ghibli's artists.
Rating: Love 

Art of the Lord of the Rings

artofLordoftheRings by StMan
Mostly black and white drawings, beautiful set and character designs and illustrations.
Rating: Nod 

Art of Massive Black 1 & 2

ArtofMassiveBlack by StMan
ArtofMassiveBlack2 by StMan
Concept art and illustrations from games and movies by Massive Black studio. They use some of the best concept artist there is so very cool stuff inside of these books.
Rating: Clap 

Art of Hellboy

ArtofHellboy MikeMignola by StMan
Mike Mignolas covers and other illustrations from Hellboy comics.

Art of Tales from Earthsea

ArtofTalesFromEarthsea by StMan
Not best of Studio Ghibli's movies, but beautiful art anyways.
Rating: Love 

Atlantis, the illustrated Script

Atlantis IllustratedScript by StMan
Art of Disney's Atlantis movie. Lots of early designs (Mike Mignola was working on this)
Rating::) (Smile) 

Art of Guild Wars 2

ArtofGuildWars2 by StMan
This book was released long before the game. Nice illustrations and concept art.
Rating: Nod 

Fantasy Plus, Best artworks of Chinese CG artists

Fantasy+ BestArtworksofChineseCGArtists by StMan
Cool collection of beautiful big boobed fantasy ladies and guys who looks like ladies :)
Rating: Meow :3 

Apple Selection, Summer

AppleSelection Summer by StMan
Mostly Sexy Ladies drawn by Koreans.
Rating: Sweating a little... 

Joe Chiodo, Artwork: shape, color, and form

JoeChiodo ArtworkSCF by StMan
Smaller art "book" from Joe Chiodo. Love his style.

Rodney Matthews, Last Ship Home

RodneyMatthews LastShipHome by StMan
One of my oldest artbooks. I love his hippy fantasy style.

Prometheus, the art of the film

Prometheus ArtoftheFilm by StMan
Not the best artbook of very beautiful looking movie. Too many random photos behind the camera.


ArtofAvatar by StMan
Decent movie artbook. Beautiful environment and character concepts.
Rating:I am a dummy! 

Encore, by Eric Canete

Encore EricCanete by StMan
This huge hardcover book (inside huge box) is one of my treasures and maybe my favorite artbooks ever. Endless amounts full page size awesome drawings from Eric Canete.
Rating:Love I think I've fainted. Woohooooo! 

Oxide 2, Kim Hyung Tae

KimHyungTae Oxide2 by StMan
Full of beautiful and strange characters with Kim's unique style.
Rating:Meow :3 

Art of Paul Bonner

ArtofPaulBonner by StMan
Paul Bonner is my one of my favorite fantasy illustrators and this book even has his old WH40k ork drawings Drool 
Rating: Woohooooo! Worship 

Earlier "reviews"

the Legend of Korra, the Art of the Animated Series.

LegendofKorra by StMan
Lots of good quality pic of backgrounds and character designs.
Rating: good B-) (Cool) 

Unhuman: The Elephantmen - The Art Of Ladrönn

Elephantment by StMan
Misc set of art from Elephantmen comics.
Rating: OK

Akira Club

AkiraClub by StMan
Collection of drawings and cover illustrations from Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA comics.
Rating: I like La la la la 

Midnight Marauder, Art of LeSean Thomas

MidnightMarauder ArtofLeseanThomas by StMan
Collection of Thomas LeSean's art. Good stuff, but not many polished illustrations.
Rating: OK


Flamboyant by StMan
Ugetsu Hakua's character designs and sexy pinups (mostly) from Burst Angel.
Rating: Sexy

Yamada Akihiro, Fantasy Art Works

YamadaAkihiro FantasyArtWorks by StMan
Collection of Yamada Akihiro's colorful fantasy illustrations. 
Rating: Meow :3 


Orange KojiMorimoto by StMan
Art of Koji Morimoto, Japanese animation director Koji Morimoto. This is one of my fav artbooks.
RatingLa la la la Worship 

the Art of Joseph Michael Linsner

ArtofJosephMichaelLinsner by StMan
176 pages of Linsner's covers and other illustrations. I loved his girls when I was younger :)
Rating: Good Blush 

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection

BorisVallejo and JulieBell theUltimateCollection by StMan
Art collection of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. This is maybe best choice if you don't have their artbook already.
Rating: Good#1 

Kow Yokoyama, Ma.K. sketchbook

KowYokoyama MaKsketchbook by StMan
Large collection of mech and other sci-fi sketches from creator of  Maschinen Krieger. 
Rating: okChew 

Fables, Covers by James Jean

FablesCovers JamesJean by StMan
Lovely cover illustrations for Fables comic. You don't need to even know about comic to love these pics.
Rating: I like +fav 

Preacher, Covers by Glenn Fabry

Preacher CoversbyGlennFabry by StMan
Cover art from Preacher comics.
Rating: ok

More artbook "reviews". First part:…

Pierre Alary, Sketchbook 2007

CarnetdeCroquis Sketchbook2007 by StMan

Pierre Alary's sketchbook. 32 pages of nice sketches and drawings from this talented Disney's animator and comic artist. Not many pages, but larger size than most sketchbooks (
11 x 8.5 inches).
Rating: Good stuff

Art of Last of Us

LastofUs by StMan
Art of Last of Us game. Good collection of gorgeous environment concept painting and good amount of character concepts. Not much text.
Rating: Nice game concept art #1 


Genga Otomo by StMan
Collection of Otomo Katsuhiro's art starting from his early days to the present. This is large book (10 by 14 inches), 256 pages full of colorful illustrations, sketches and pages from comics.
Rating: Love 

Art of Remember Me

RememberMe by StMan
Remember Me game's art book. Very beautiful visions of future Paris. Good game concept art book. Not much text. They had interesting "art tech" in the game, sadly nothing about that in the book.
Rating: I like it.Meow :3 

World of Warcraft: Tribute

WOWTribute by StMan
Fan art collection. Sadly not the best ones. There is lots of amazing fan art on Blizzard's own WOW website, but only couple found their way on to this book.
Rating: Blaah Yawn 

Art of Diablo3

Diablo3 by StMan
Diablo 3 game's artbook. Too colorful!!! :)  naah, I like Blizzard's style and D3 has nice fantasy painting look. This isn't maybe best of their artbooks, but very good stuff anyway.
RatingThumbs up 

I bought pile of new artbooks around Xmas for myself. I have (too) many of them already, not enough room on bookcase. I need buy new one so I clear floor from book piles. I also noticed I don't have any kind catalog how many or which books I already have (same problem with DVD's and that led to buying some movies second time). So one of my New Year's resolutions was make artbook catalog (one was buy new bookcase/shelf). But why just make boring list, why not make short reviews or ranking of each book and maybe some thoughts/notes if there is any... and why not share them for those who are interested. I'm going post simple reviews (with pics) of each book I have. 2-6 books (anything from huge books to small sketchbooks) in one journal entry and I try to make these at least once a week. 

First set:

Art of Arthur Adams vol.1

ArtofAdams vol1 by StMan
Arthur Adams (comic artist) art. 48 pages, large black and white drawings. Lots of sexy pinup girls with Adams mad details. Very nice pics with high quality, but no sketches or pages from his comics. Maybe in vol. 2?
Rating: I like, but bit thin. Sexy girls Blush 

Braindump vol.2

PaulRichards BraindumpVol2 by StMan

Paul Richards small sized artbook/sketchbook (around 100 pages). Everything from scifi tech concepts to monsters, tentacles and X-Rated girls (not for kids). Weird and fun stuff and I love his style. One of my favorite concept artist today.
Rating: :happybounce: 

Paul Bonner Sketches

PaulBonner Sketches by StMan
Paul Bonner's small sketchbook. 44 pages of hand drawn fantasy sketches (mostly goblins and monsters). 
RatingGood sketches, but not the best sketchbook ever.Shrug 

Spectrum 20: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Spectrum20 by StMan
Spectrum's are the best collections of contemporary art and volume 20 continues same superb quality. Different medias, different styles, artists around the world and every page is beautiful. Much better that similar Expose books
Rating:Love Worship 

Art of Battlefield 4

ArtofBattlefield4 by StMan
Battlefield games art never been anything special, but third one was big step forward and latest one, BF4 has some nice environments. This artbook is collection of concept paintings of those environments. Only couple renders from characters and other assets, rest are env concepts. Most of text doesn't have any information value and those few which were talking about making of the game didn't rise my interest. Lots of good real concept paintings, but no painting to put on the wall and say wow.
Rating: It's okay.

Axis Mundi

MathieuLauffray AxisMundis by StMan
Mathieu Lauffray's artbook. Great comic artist,concept designer and illustrator. 240 pages, good amount of text, but in French so I didn't understand anything... But art is awesome. Thick and heavy book, lots of pics from his comics, designs for movies, sketches and illustrations.

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My English is bad enough so I don't try to say anything fancy, just THANK YOU to all visitors :)

Thanks for 50k pageviews and my pics have over 400k views! :icontreori: was lucky 50k visitor so I'll draw pic for her. While I'm working on it, go and check her gallery too.

...and drawing contest part: I have some Steam PC games waiting for giving away. So if you want one of them, draw a video game related pic and send link to me (reply to this journal). I'll choose lucky winners from all who take part. First one get choose 3 games he/she from list below and then second one can choose 2 games from what's left and so on until there is no games or participants. You can take part even if you don't want any of those games, but can't promise anything else to give :)

You got time to draw until 14. December (24:00 GMT+2 or when I come online next day).

EDIT: 15.12.2013, contest ended. :iconsolanos: was only to send pic so I let him choose as many game he wants. Hyvää joulua pentu!

List of games: 
Half-Life 2 (oooh, new game!)
Dawn of War: Soulstorm
Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
Dawn of War 2: Retribution (includes DOW2: Retribution and the Last Standalone)
Iron Brigade (3 copies of this, so maybe I give this for first 3 as bonus )
the Showdown Effect
Xcom: Enemy Unknown (2 copies)
Gone Home 
  • Watching: your DA gallery!
Soon 50k pageviews... If my calculations are right it going to be close to my birthday at december, that would be nice :).

So to thank to you guys who been coming to see my doodles and cyborg babes, I was thinking draw something to lucky person 50.000th visitor. When that magical number is up, send me screencap or some other proof and I draw you something with random style and not determined amount of colors or details. You can suggest what I draw, but it's not going to be commission so can't promise what you get :)

PS: I have some extra copies of Steam games. I'll have xmas drawing contest later and those games going to be one of the different prizes.
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Rochard the most awesome game ever made is in sale, in the Humble Weekly Sale 

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